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If you know me, you know that I love ice cream… so this Fried Ice Cream recipe was one that I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time.   My dear friend first made this at her house after she had it at a restaurant in Charlotte.  She asked them how they made it, went home, played around with a few recipes & sent it to me to try… It lives up to it’s hype. 😉


Total Time:  4.5 hours (you will freeze it for a few hours)
Yields:  12 servings
fried ice cream

• 2 1/2 cups Corn Flakes (crushed)  –
• 1½-2 cups Vanilla Cookies (crushed)
• 4 tbsp. Sugar
• Your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream
• 2 Eggs

• Oil (for frying)  – I find that canola or vegetable oil is usually the best. 🙂
*Optional – a little salt to sprinkle on it at the end.



1. Crush cereal & cookies.

2. Add the sugar to the mixture & mix.

3. Beat two eggs.

4. Scoop ice cream balls onto baking sheet. Freeze for 1-3 hours.

5. Take the ice cream out & roll it in the mixture, then dip it into the eggs & re-roll it in the mixture.   Freeze again.

6. Heat the oil.  To test it, drop one cereal flake in & see if it is hot enough to start to ‘cook’ it.

7. Fry each ball for 15-35 seconds (just keep watching it).    Remove from oil.

8. Add chocolate syrup and Reddi-Wip.   🙂 (a sprinkle of salt optional) 

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