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Our kids are the happiest when they are playing in the ocean, so I always take a ton of pictures.  I get home and look through all 400 of them and realize that there is no way that I am going to print all of those, or even take the time to upload them to website.   So… there they stay, on my computer.

Finally, I decided that I was going to pick my favorite one each year and have it made into a canvas print.  When Simple Canvas Prints offered to send me a canvas print, I jumped on the chance to print out this year’s beach picture.   (You can take 80% off of your print today, too!)

The prints turned out perfect!  They were clear, crisp and just what I was hoping.  We have them hanging up in our kitchen (one is with the kids turned away & the other is with them looking at us… it is adorable!)

canvas 6

I loved it so much!   It turned out just as I had hoped, but I didn’t love how it looked on our walls, since everything else in that room had a white frame, so I put Mickey on the job.   He started making frames for the prints.

A framed canvas print of children on the beach with text below it.

1- Measure the canvas (length and height).  Add 1/8 of an inch to your measurements.

2- Set your miter saw to a 45 degree angel

3- Make your first angel cut at the edge of the board.

4- Measure from the bottom corner of the angel out to the length of your picture, plus the 1/8.  Mark this.

5- Turn your miter saw to the opposite 45 degree side and make sure that line matches up with that mark.

6- Make two boards the exact same way, identical.
canvas print 4
7- Do the same for the other two sides, making those two the same.

8- I usually mock-fit it around the frame before gluing.

9- If it fits, glue them together with a heavy duty wood glue.   I did one corner at a time and let it dry before moving to the others.  Start with opposite corners (so you have two L’s, then glue them together).

canvas print 2

Put a wall hanger on the back.
canvas print 3

I love the way that it turned out!   It was easy and inexpensive to do this (which is perfect since the Simple Canvas Print is 80% off, too!)

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