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We love to visit the beach and we love to travel!   Packing for a beach can be a little more tricky, especially when we try to avoid forgetting anything or running into any last-minute disasters.

My friend takes an inflatable pool for her kids to play in. They fill it up with buckets and buckets of ocean water. The filling of the pool keeps them busy for so long, but then they play in it, which keeps them busy (and right near her) even longer.
Here are 10 more things to bring: 

top 10 things parents forget to take to the beach

Last weekend, we took one of our many trips to Hilton Head (our favorite place to go!) and we had a blast.  Our kids had fun digging and building in the sand…

Here are 10 things you might forget when packing for the beach:

  1. First Aid Kit that includes aloe lotion for skin burns.
  2. An extra pair of flip-flops.  I can probably safely say that at least one child’s flip-flops have broken while at the beach, each time.   (You think I’m kidding, but I’m not!)  Ps- we have these. 
  3. An extra outfit.  I always underestimate how much we need at the beach.  We usually stay at a house with a washer and dryer, but if not, take an extra outfit.  One more than you think you need.
  4.  Water shoes- I never used to bring these, but one too many kids on my hips (because the sand is too hot to walk) and I’ve started to remember to bring them .  We use to take crocks and flip flops, but they get lost in the water.  Water shoes are perfect!
  5. Large ziplock bags for wet clothes or wet, sandy toys.  (ps- pack some baby powder or corn starch to get the sand off of your skin). 
  6. Coordinating Outfits to capture some beach pictures. ♥  (I got my outfit below through Stitch Fix)your modern family
  7. A long sleeved-shirt for the breezy ‘beachy’ nights.
  8. A beach bag!   One tip is to have your beach bag double as a luggage bag. Pack it and have it ready to go, so when you make your first trip to the beach, everything is already in there (towels, toys, sunscreen, goggles).
  9. A wagon (this one is a best-seller) or these Beach carts to carry your things.    We usually just try to carry everything, but if we have a long walk ahead of us, we consider taking a wagon (we have even used our bike carrier to take our stuff to the beach).
  10. A puddle-jumper.  I would have been lost without ours!  We used it so much when they were toddlers.   This year was the first year that none of the kids needed it…jumping in the waves
  11. BONUS:  
    Snacks- before you leave for your trip, grab a few easy snacks that you can add to your beach bag.  I usually throw in a box of granola bars, a box of graham crackers and a bag of apples.  They are all easy-to-eat foods that don’t need any special instructions.   (I don’t like to eat meals on the beach because they get sandy, but if you do, pack lunch, too!)Enjoy your trip!

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  1. Great list! I would add
    – double the water you think you’ll want
    – a hat or visor for each person, and sunglasses
    – and a small bottle of baby powder and a large SOFT paint brush.

    Water, you’re going to get dehydrated having all that fun. Shade is important for your eyes so the hat and glasses will keep you from straining to see who just caught the perfect wave. And juuuust before you hop in the car, that baby powder will work wonders at getting the very last specks of sand off little (and big!) feet (um, and other places) before the ride home, keep the car and more importantly your family comfortable and clean(er). Just dust the powder on the skin and brush away the sand. The powder is great at getting the least bit of moisture and the sand is easily brushed off.

    1. Oh! Smart! (You must know me, because I am ALWAYS forgetting my sunglasses!)