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Football watching has always been a family event for us.  More specifically… Watching Penn State play.  🙂 .  Thanks to Unilever for sponsoring today’s post. 

When the game is on, we all gather around the TV to watch.  We invite our family & friends over to join in, as well.   Everyone wears their jersey (or cheerleading outfit) to watch the game.  During our get-together, we have snacks and the kids play games.  Our Football Traditions are always fun and the kids look forward to it.

No matter what team we are watching (we grew up in PA, so Penn State, Pitt & the Steelers are our favorites!) . My brother went to PSU (and Mickey cheers for them), but I went to Pitt…  so that’s always fun!

A little girl with her hands on a large hand print that is painted on a football themed wall.

As we get ready for our family party, I send each of the boys upstairs to get their showers and get ready in their “game gear.”  This weekend, we had a party and the kids had a blast!  I surprised them with a new Axe body wash, body spray and hair paste.

It’s their favorite, and I always trust any Unilever personal care brands like Degree, Dove, and AXE,  so it was a welcomed gift.  I like knowing that they feel confident by using Axe products.  They contain hard-hitting ingredients designed to keep you covered. Even though a winning streak.   

A variety of Axe Body products in a wicker basket.
On my shopping trip to Target, which is the perfect place to get Unilever personal care brands, especially when it’s football season, I also sound a great deal that I had to share:  If you buy any four (4) Men’s Unilever products, you’ll receive a $5 Target GiftCard.

Our favorite Unilever Products include:

  • Degree degree antiperspirant/deodorant: Powerful protection for those who need it 
  • Dove Men+Care Bodywash/Wash & Care: Cleans and hydrates men’s skin and makes men’s hair more resilient 
  • AXE Body Spray and Bodywash: Keep you smelling great all day  
  • AXE Styling: Easy style for every kind of guy

A variety of Axe Body products in a wicker basket.



1. Make Cupcakes for the Big Game

Cupcakes with football cupcake toppers are the perfect treat for a football game.

Three cupcakes in an oval tray with football themes cupcake toppers.

There is no doubt that these cupcake toppers will be a hit at your next tailgating party. Or maybe they will get tossed to the side and barely noticed as everyone tears into their delicious cupcakes. Either way, you can have fun decorating and feel good about it.  It’s even better if you are into football yourself. Now you can have your cupcake and eat it, too! (I couldn’t resist :-))

Three cupcakes on a white oval tray with football themed cupcake toppers on them.

To use these fun football cupcake toppers, whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes (or buy some at the sore – that’s what I did).
I recommend printing your free football cupcake toppers on cardstock.   Then, simply attach them to toothpicks or whatever suits your fancy. Pop them in the tops of the cupcakes and you’re done.

A wooden table set with white dishes with a football napkins and a cupcake with football themed cupcake toppers on them.

2. Make Up a New Touchdown Dance!

Before our sons throw their hands in the air to show off their new “touchdown moves”,   Throw your hands in the air with confidence after your team scores—and trust that your personal care ritual won’t let you down when you’ve used Unilever personal care brands.

3. Go to a Football Field for their fan-events

 This year, we went to Penn State for a weekend and then we went to the Steeler Training Camp on our way home, with our friends and the kids had a blast.   They got to know more about the players and watch the team practice.
We grabbed some great photos while we were there, too! 🙂
A close up of a football player running down the field carrying a football.

The kids had so much fun… and so did we!
A group of people standing in front of a Pittsburgh Steeler sign.


4. Take a Family Football Picture

Take a fun family photo and great creative!   One year wear your jerseys, but the next year change it up a bit.   Get creative & make it a fun memory, and a fun tradition!

Football Photo


My favorite part about these Football Traditions has to be just spending time with our family.

Now, it’s your turn!  Show us your team’s touchdown celebration!  Head over to social media & post your favorite celebration.  Use the hashtag #PersonalCareWin so we can follow along.  We can see which teams enter when we follow that hashtag to see which team has the MOST spirit!   Go STATE!

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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