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The boys love watching new YouTube channels where they can find ideas and then start doing them!   Today, we found a great one, where someone put a light into a pumpkin, and since it is fall, pumpkins are easy to find!  The possibilities of a child’s imagination are boundless when they’re given the opportunity to create, so we are always looking for new ways to make it happen.  BOSEbuild has the Speaker Cube, which enables children the opportunity to explore by building a really great Bluetooth speaker that works & changes colors.  You can use it for years, so it is a great activity to spend time on, since they can have it for a long time!

What you need:

  • Pumpkin  (we all go pumpkin picking a few times a year.  We go once in October and then again in November, since pumpkins don’t last as long as we hope).
  • Pumpkin Carving Tools
  • BOSEbuild speaker cube
  • build-it-yourself enthusiasm!

First, you will need to assemble the Speaker Cube.  You can see how I did that in this post called Encourage them to build.  You’ll be able to have fun while you build your child because the journey of building it starts with a guided experience – including a gamified mobile app and hands-on activities – that invites kids to experiment with how a simple magnet and coil can make sound.  

This time, we made our Speaker Cube green:
A close up of Bose speaker with a pumpkin beside it.

Give your kids jobs.  Let them explore!  After kids explore the mechanics of sound, they can build and personalize their very own durable speaker with a choice of LED lights, silhouette covers and clip arrangements.   One of our kids was in charge of the Speaker Cube (finding a song, changing the colors) while another was in charge of scraping out the inside of the pumpkin:

Two boys sitting on a table cutting out a pumpkin with a Bose build speaker cube.

In the end, we all took turns playing with it and we put on a song that everyone loved and had a dance party (which is our daughter’s FAVORITE thing to do!)

A Bose speaker on the table with the top of a pumpkin beside it.

Once you carve a design, just put your speaker box inside of the pumpkin and turn it on.   The kids had so much fun and ended up making several, including this football pumpkin (STORM is the name of our son’s team).  It’s hard to tell, but the speaker is actually inside of this, playing a song.  It’s really cool and we can change it throughout fall. 🙂

A carved pumpkin.

  • ps- The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is now available to order at for $149 (suggested age is 8+). You’ll have fun on the journey through the science of sound from magnets to music. 😉 We did!You will find that when you let your kids creativity flow, they will come up with all sorts of ideas.  Oh!  Another tip is that we will draw on our pumpkins with a sharpie before we get started.   I will let them draw or even print out what they want on tracing paper and then we can draw it onto the pumpkin.   I’ve even go so far as to use stencils and hammer them into the pumpkin (it works great!)What do you think?  What would you put on your pumpkin?   What color speaker would YOUR kids pick… and would you agree on the music?  lol!!  (not so much in our house… our boys tend to follow Mickey’s music selection, while Allie and I like a completely different tune) 🙂

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