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Cheesy Fall Recipes

                                    This is a sponsored post for Cheeses of Europe.
A layout of a variety of fall soups and deserts.
Fall will be here soon and it is one of my favorite seasons.   It’s the perfect temperature for my family to get outside and play.   Last week, our family played tennis outside (the weather was perfect: 75 degrees.)

I have always loved the sport, because it’s one that I know I can do for many years to come.  My grandma played tennis well into her 70’s. In fact, Mickey and I taught our kids to play several years ago for this reason.  It’s a sport that they will be able to enjoy through their childhood and adulthood. It’s also a sport that we can play together as a family.   Four people play, one person keeps score and one person gets the balls that are lobbed over the fence. The kids think playing together is the best thing in the world… and I have to agree.  

When I received an email that Mickey and I were invited to the US Open Series in Winston-Salem in August, I immediately said yes.   

While we were there, we were invited to taste some amazing cheeses from Cheeses Of Europe.  It was a great way to Make it Magnifique!

A person holding a tray of cheese squares.
 Of course, after trying them, I immediately downloaded the app, knowing that I would be using it in the future.  They were so good!
A person in an apron preparing food in a professional kitchen.
The app makes learning more about European cheeses simple.  

Wine and cheese resting on wooden cutting boards.
You can learn the best pairings and recipes.  While I was at the US Open Event, I had a chance to talk to the amazing people at Cheeses of Europe to learn more about the Secrets de fromage (and taste more of the Cheese of Europe!)

A man preparing food on a table with a variety of wine and cheese.
Once I downloaded the app, I spent time watching some of the videos that show you how to make a recipe.   I love that feature!

There are many recipes on, too.   Here are the ones that I will be making in the future.  

Here are my 5 favorite cheese recipes for fall (From their website):

1. Bacon Wrapped Dates with Bleu d’Auvergne
I love bacon wrapped dates, so adding cheese is a no-brainer.  Why didn’t I think of this before?

A plate of bacon wrapped cheese balls with tooth picks in them.
2. Kefta with Mimolette

This recipe combines mimolette, wine, ground pork and ground meat.  How can you go wrong? It’s sure to be a favorite!
A white plate with meatballs and sauce on it.
3. Carrot Velouté with Mimolette (hot or cold)

I picked this soup because it reminded me of a soup that Mickey and I had when we spent a weekend at Tara Inn, in Pennsylvania (modeled after Gone with the Wind).   The carrot soup was so good… and I love cold soups, so I’m glad that this one gives that option.
A bowl of soup with cheese melted on the top.

4. Potato and Cauliflower Gratin with Camembert

Doesn’t this look like the perfect fall recipe?   I already loved cheese potatoes, so adding cauliflower and camembert cheese makes it the perfect recipe for me.

A cheese casserole in a white pan with a cheese circle beside it.
5. Plum and Fourme d’Ambert Tart

What’s dinner without dessert, right?  This puff pastry is filled with plums, Fourme d’Ambert and crème fraîche.  
A close up of desert food.

If you get a chance, be sure to check out the  recipe for Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Bacon and Emmental Chips  at or on their App (found here on the Apple Store or here on Google Play.  This recipe is amazing!  (We already made this one).   

Bon Appétit!


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