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When you find out you are pregnant, the advice that comes your way can be a little overwhelming. It can be hard to narrow down what is actually helpful. Here are some of the best heartfelt and practical tips for new mamas.

new mom encouragment

(1) Implement ways to take time for yourself. 

(2) Take home items from the hospital room— really do it!


(3)  Be yourself and embrace your gifts as you mother your little one.

(4) Stock up on some Colief Infant drops for when the baby has a fussy period.

(5) Purchase some nursing tanks ahead of time.

(6) Be willing to relax and go with the flow with the newborn photos.

(here are our first pictures with AB)

baby becomes big sibling

baby up all night

(7) Swaddle blankets are known to be lifesavers.

(8) Make an effort to get out of the house and connect with other moms

(9) Remember you are in a season of adjustment.

(10) Decide to commit to your marriage and make the most of the time you have together in the midst of the busy parenting.


(11) Keep a journal of all the little moments.

(12) It won’t always seem so hard, it does get easier.

(13) There is no rush to fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

(14) Remember that things don’t always go as planned, and that is okay.

(15) Fight the urge to compare yourself, or your child, to others.

(16) Pack your hospital bag with items you will really need.

(17) Know that you are not alone in your struggles.

(18) As you prepare for your little one, shop thrift stores or sale racks for items needed.

(19) Deciding whether you will stay home or work outside the home is a tough decision, take time to really pray about it. 

(20) Figure out what kind of diapers you will use with these tips about cloth diapers.

(21) Some items, like boppy pillows, can have multiple uses.

(22) After you give birth, get as much rest as you can.

(23) Preparing some freezer meals can be a big time saver.

(24) Savor the moments

(25) Babies don’t have to be expensive.  Here are some freebies…

free promo code for belly bands

free baby leggings

Free Carseat Canopy with code YMF4

nursing pillow

If you are a seasoned mom, what are some tips you would share with a new mom?

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