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This is a sponsored post by CLn. I love their products and I’m so excited to share them with you!
My great aunt had eczema.   I have it, too.   So, it came as no surprise that it just kept being passed along.
Our three year old has eczema, as does my niece & nephew.
(Some doctors will all it eczema & some say that it is psoriasis)
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Eczema is like a rash that flares up at times.   It seems to flare up the most when it is very hot out (overheating & sweating), if our son wears certain clothing and then again, it comes without warning…

I wanted to give you a few tips to help because I have had it for as long as I can remember.  I noticed it on our son at two years of age (behind his knees & where his ears connect to his scalp) and our 1 1/2 year old daughter is already getting it behind her knees.

1st).  They say to spend time in the sun, but I can tell you from PERSONAL experience that this didn’t help at all.  It actually worsened it for me.    My eczema would become much worse in the summer, compared to when I spent a lot of time indoors.    (I had it on my knees & elbows)

2nd).  I often hear that people will suggest not having dairy in your diet.   I can’t say from personal experience, because giving up dairy is not something that I want to do (eczema doesn’t bother me that much), but I have heard many people say that their doctor’s have suggested this.

3rd).  Try CLn Bodywash or facial wash for your child in the tub or shower- our dermatologist told me about it because it has the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.   It is safe for kids 6 months & up and you can use it everywhere (face, hair, body).   (If they are taking a shower, dampen the skin & later it with the CLn Bodywash  Turn off or step away from the water for one minute (leaving it on the skin for one minute) before rinsing it off.    We just sing the ABC’s two times through to allow enough time for it to work.

I use it like a spot treatment, concentrating on the areas behind our son’s knees, where I notice his eczema the most. I noticed a difference on our son’s skin in about 2 weeks  (I use 2 pumps of the CLn every day at bath time on his skin).

Oh- and try shampooing first, because you don’t want the shampoo to run over your skin after using the wash- you want this Bodywash to be the last thing that is on their body.     Afterwards, just towel wrap & lightly dry their skin and then get them dressed.  I try to not use a moisturizer, but the CLn instructions say that it is safe to use.

Here is a VIDEO on Youtube where I am showing you the product that I’m talking about here.  (our 3 year old make an appearance, too! haha!)


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  1. There is a difference between Eczema and Psoriasis and they really shouldn’t be confused with each other. Many general Dr’s and Pediatrician don’t always know the difference, so it is important to see a Dermatologist and get a correct diagnosis. Both can be brought on by exposure to an allergen. Food can often be the culprit. While dairy is allergen common one it could be something else entirely so it can be helpful too work with an allergist.

    1. Thanks!! Yep- for 30 year my diagnosis changed depending on which Dr. I saw. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that.