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I am partnering with Sister Schubert’s today to share our favorite Easter Dinner Traditions.

I can remember being a little girl, watching my mom and my grandma cooking together in my grandma’s tiny kitchen. One thing they always made was homemade cinnamon-sugar butter.

Buns in a blue wicker basket with creamy butter in a bunny shaped bowl.

Oh boy is it good! It was good when I was a little girl and it is just as good now that I am the mom. We used to have it at every family gathering, but my grandma would never make it until my mom got there to help.

It was tradition, after all. They had been doing that since my mom was little. And… it’s just like a mom to remember that it’s these little moments that make family time special. After they made it, they would put it into a cute little bowl and my mom would spread it on the rolls.

A bun on a plate with butter on top and a blue wicker bowl with buns behind it.

Traditions are so important to me. They bring back memories, like serving ham for Easter dinner and using my aunt’s bird napkin holders when I set the table. They remind me of her… they remind me of family.

A fall decorated table with plates and a sliced ham resting on it.

They would set the table with my Great grandma’s white dishes that she brought over from Ireland.

A wooden table with a wicker bowl with buns, a pie and a table setting with Easter decorations.

I love to think that those dishes, that I still use today, have been passed down for five generations, from my great-grandmother to my daughter. Using her dishes is a tradition that I’m happy to continue.

It’s just like when I serve Sister Schubert’s rolls– I love knowing that they are made from the same family recipe that goes back five generations. It’s another tradition that I’m sure my children will continue. I can picture them spreading the cinnamon-sugar butter on top of the warm rolls (sometimes I’ll even put it on before I bake them) with a smile on their faces.

A bag of Sister Schubert\'s dinner rolls with a roll on a plate with butter on top of it.

My mom and my grandmother taught me something very important when I watched them baking together. They taught me that family time and family meals don’t have to be busy or stressful if you make it about family.

Easter dinner is about enjoying your company, focusing on the people that you love and using your traditions to make memories… and remember those that you love.

It’s those little traditions, like setting the table with special things…

A table decorated with Easter decorations and Easter food.

Or knowing that when I have a family dinner, I will be serving Freshly Baked Sister Schubert’s rolls on those white plates.

I always have the rolls on hand- since you keep them in your freezer until you are ready to bake them. I love that they are frozen because it naturally preserves the homemade taste of real ingredients. It’s finished off at home, for that fresh-baked experience that we love. Now anyone can have real, home-made tasting rolls.

A bag of Sister Schubert\'s rolls with a roll sitting on a plate with butter.

I love creating these special moments that my family can enjoy together. I love setting the table and putting extra touches around that I know our kids will love… like these Easter Eggs and grass that I get out especially for my daughter.

A three tier Easter decoration with colored eggs on it resting on an Easter table.

Or this bunny plate that my mom gave to our son last year to use for his Sister Schubert’s rolls, served at her dinner table, which I now use to hold the serving utensils.

A pink bunny shaped platter with a spoon and fork resting on it with a plate of green beans in the background.

It’s the strawberry ice cream pie that I serve for my husband…

A close up of a pink cream pie with a silver serving knife beside it.

And the “Easter Egg Dish” that I use to serve the different side dishes…

A variety of food in bowls sitting on a wooden table.

It’s the beautiful flowers that my husband bought me and put in the flower vase that my college roommate, Maura, bought us as a wedding gift…

A vase of fresh flowers on a table.

After all, traditions are homemade. Different traditions that have come and gone through the years, along with one real tradition that has remained the same: giving Sister Schubert’s a special spot at the table.

Freshly baked Sister Schubert’s rolls are made from the same family recipe that goes back five generationsā€¦ Just like my great Grandma’s plates are being used 5 generations later to create a lifetime of memories with traditions to pass on for more generations to come.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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