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It is almost earth day!   To celebrate, the kids wanted to reuse and recycle… I was up for that!  We decided to make boats out of things that we had in the house.  We came up with boats, because we want to take a trip to Marion County (Florida) to check out their MANY outdoor adventures.  Boating is just one of the things that we will do, so to prepare, we are making our own! 

The one rule was that you couldn’t buy anything – it had to be stuff that you found at home. Beau made his out of sticks & a bottle.   He got a stick from outside and got to work.  He had to use a bottle to make it float and the tape held it together. 4

He actually tried his and it didn’t work as planned, so his took a lot of trial and error to get it just right.  Beau is very persistent and didn’t stop trying, until it worked just like it did in his mind.3 Jack went for a boat made from our Goldiblox, but soon found out that his brothers were making their boats pretty detailed…
5 So he added a paper flag (he printed it out and taped it on a straw) and a bottle to make it float even more,  to make it really stand out!7Ethan’s invention for his boat was to tape a bottle to a hanger.  The goal was that the hanger hook would stand in the water, like a shark.   It kept falling, but he never gave up!10Next, we took the boats up to my bathtub and let the kids put them in.  So, they put them into the water, all at the same time, to see who would have a boat that floated and who had a boat than sank.  Luckily all of the boats floated! 8Last, we turned on the jets, put the boats at the far side of the bathtub and let them ‘race’ to the other side of the tub.9Ethan was really excited about it and kept racing them over and over… boatsBefore long the kids were IN the bathtub, racing their boats! boat2 Earth Day is a great time to take a trip and explore an area where you have never been before.  We want to go to Ocala/Marion County in Florda. We love to do a lot of Florida Travel     It is the Horse Capital of the WorldTM, so we could go on trail rides on horseback or just look around some of the great parks. There are so many Ocala/Marion County Activities to do.

They have a bunch of crystal clear springs, filled with good old-fashioned swimming holes (like Juniper Springs)   So… we think maybe looking for creatures or even snorkeling would be fun. (I’m just going to be honest that I will be the mom on the side… taking pictures.  I’m not one for creatures or turtles or fish or anything that would live in the water!) turtle Use Earth Day as a chance to really explore the outdoors, stay in some new places (check out  Ocala/Marion County Lodging )and  then bring that idea inside & create your own project.  Your kids will have a blast! 🙂

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