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Today, in church, we heard the most amazing sermon where these words were spoken “If you don’t listen to the words of someone important in your life, they will find someone who will.”

How true this is, but not only in one life, but many.

If you don’t listen to your spouse, they will find someone else to confide in, to talk to, to joke with and hang out with.   I have always made a promise to myself to laugh at Mickey’s jokes, to smile when he hugs me or holds my hand and to TRY to listen to what he is saying (although I’m going to be honest that football talk may make me lose that attention).  Why do I do these things?  Because I want him to know that he is important to me.  He does the same for me, even though we’ve never talked about it.  (Trust me… my jokes tend to drive him crazy, but he still laughs at them).

When we were married, my dad said “Remember, if it is important to the other person, it is important.”  (He and my mom just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary, so I’d say they know what they are doing).

Mickey and I are truly best friends.   I owe it all to compromise and really trying to make the other person happy.   (This picture from a costume party kind of sums it up… haha!!)

A couple dressed up as Richard Simmons and an  exercise student.
If you don’t listen to your kids, they will find someone else (or something else) to turn to.   You hear about kids getting into the wrong crowds or in with the wrong groups.  You find out that your teenager is dating someone that you wouldn’t approve of or has gotten into trouble with things that you wouldn’t say were OK.   Even at a young age, they will turn to their friends instead of you.    You have to be there for them.

Remember, being there means more than just ‘being there’.  You have to stop what you are doing to listen to them.  Take walks and talk to them.   Tuck them in at night at just chat about whatever you want.  It doesn’t have to be all day long, but make it a point to stop and really pay attention.    Be their best friend- the person that they turn to, confide in, trust and talk to about everything. Be their first teacher, their best example and the person that shows them how to be the type of man or woman that you want them to grow up to be. 

A woman and a boy posing for a picture.
Take this little rule and apply it to everyone in your life.   If you don’t listen to them, they will find someone who will.    Relax, take a seat… and just listen  (take a cue from our sweet AB).

Ps- Speaking of that little girl above, look what I just ordered for her & I from Etsy… (mother/daughter bracelets.  I love this idea for a mom with daughters or for a “generations bracelet, like mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt…”
Isn’t this sweet?

A close up of a woman\'s and child\'s arm with matching bracelets on their wrists.

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