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Welcome to our DISNEY SERIES!

Our Disney Series:

1- Disney Countdown Activity (today)

2- The BEST ages for Disney

3- Should I take my baby to Disney? 

4- BEST never-before-seen Disney Tips

Our family went to Disney last year and we started this countdown many days before we left (about a month).   We took construction paper that we had at home and found “Disney” colors (red, yellow, blue).

Now onto our Disney countdown activity.

Disney Countdown Activity We split the piles of paper into groups. I had each of the kids fold the paper into thirds (I demonstrated), lengthwise.  They then had to cut the strips on the folds.  This is great practice for their fine motor skills, too. I stapled them in a circle (so just making what looked like a bracelet).  I then took the next one and inserted it, unstapled, into the center of the first circle.  Once it was through the first circle, I stapled it to make a new circle, so that they were now hooked.

I did this with each strip of paper, until we reached 30 (the amount of days that we had left).  We then took our long chain and hung it in our kitchen, where we could see it every day.

Every night, after dinner (before bed), we would cut off one paper chain link.   We took turns every night, so everyone got a turn to rip off the paper. Pretty soon they couldn’t wait to get to the end.  They would start reminding me at lunchtime!

Sometimes, the excitement of what is to come is just as fun as the real thing!  Our kids were so excited for Disney and by the time that we only had one link left, they were itching with anticipation!

For the last link, the older kids each took a side of it and just pulled it apart!  We put them to bed, knowing that when they woke up, we would be headed to Disney!

Ready for more?
Day 2- The BEST ages for Disney

Day 3- Should I take my baby to Disney? 

Day 4- BEST never-before-seen Disney Tips


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