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Many consider the savory portion of the meal most memorable, but the real showstoppers shine when it comes time for dessert, like the holiday-themed desserts at Baskin-Robbins. ¬†The Ganache Poinsettia Cake and the Peppermint & Winter OREO¬ģCookies Polar Pizza were SO good!

Every year at my parent’s house, we celebrate Christmas a week early… but we have a fun tradition where we eat our dessert before dinner. ¬†So, we have dessert around 4:00, then open presents, then have dinner around 7:00. ¬† The kids don’t realize that they still eat the same amount for dinner (since they had a 3 hour break), but they do realize that it’s really fun and a great tradition.

This year, I was able to order¬†the¬†Baskin-Robbins’-Ganache Poinsettia Cake, for my sister-in-law, Jill. ¬† It is her favorite! ¬†We ordered her the¬†Ganache Poinsettia Cake¬†(an¬†elegant & decadent 9‚ÄĚ round ice cream cake with the simple sophistication of a poinsettia topped with Winter OREO¬ģCookies.) ¬† She likes mint ice cream and vanilla cake. ¬†I had never had it before, but she made a great choice. ¬†It was so good!

Here is a picture of it (I had them write Merry Christmas in green… Beau’s favorite color!):


Here’s a side view – see all of those cookies?¬†A large chocolate cake sitting on top of a table.
And an even better view (this picture makes me hungry all over again!) br1
I also ordered the Peppermint & Winter OREO¬ģ¬†Cookies Polar Pizza, for the kids. ¬†Ethan LOVES pizza so much and since we were having Pork, sweet potatoes and vegetables for dinner, I knew he would be excited to have this kind of pizza first! ¬† It has a double fudge brownie crust with Peppermint ice cream, topped with Winter OREO¬ģ¬†Cookie Pieces and drizzled with marshmallow and fudge topping.


The best part is that I was able to order the Baskin-Robbins‚Äô Ganache Poinsettia Cake and Peppermint & Winter OREO¬ģ¬†Cookies Polar Pizza for¬†pre-order online (you can do this in the store, too), so I just picked it up when I was driving past the store (so convenient).

Of course, while we were there, we tried the Peppermint Bark in the Dark ¬†(it’s back as December Flavor of the Month.) ¬†We like it because it is peppermint bark and creamy Chocolate ice cream all wrapped together with a peppermint candy and white chocolate flavored ribbon.


All in all, it was a great meal and having dessert before dinner makes it memorable and fun for the kids!

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