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Tonight we went to my parent’s house to watch fireworks over the lake.   The kids love to watch fireworks!  I can remember going to a nearby town (Canonsburg, PA) to watch the parade and having a blast.   I loved seeing what everyone was wearing and seeing all of the adorable crowns & hand-made shirts.


So… I thought it would be a good time to share how to make your own 4th of July Celebration crowns. They are great to wear at parades, fireworks or anywhere you celebrate the fourth.   Plus, they are just FUN for the kids!

A little girl sitting in a stroller holding an American flag and wearing a Fourth of July crown.

This one is a favorite, because of the long train on the back of the crown.   See how it flow’s just like Elsa’s cape? 😉    My friend Pam shared this picture of her daughter, happily wearing the crown & waving her flag at a parade.

Today, you will learn how to make three crowns…

diy july 4th crowns

I found all of my supplies at the dollar store or the craft store, and each of these crowns can be put together in a matter of minutes.


  • To make the princess crown, all you need is a dollar store wire garland, and a couple spools of tulle.
  • TIP: The dollar store sometimes carries white tulle spools in their wedding section. JoAnn or any other craft store will have it, too.
  • Wrap the garland to fit the child’s head, and then twist the end to form the crown.
  • Cut long pieces of tulle, and then fold them in half.
  • Tie the tulle around the crown, covering the wire end so it does come loose, and poke the child.
  • Add as much or little tulle to your crown as you prefer.
  • We have made these crowns for parties as well as the forth of July.
  • TIP: Make them for Tinkerbell or Princess parties, too, using green/white/purple  or pink/white/purple with plain color star


  • A view of a child\'s head as she wears a crown made of red, white and blue stars and colorful headband.This crown is a lot of fun. The dollar store has several different types of garland, all of which and be turned into a celebration crown.
  • Cut the garland to fit the child’s head and twist the ends together.
  • Cut stars out of craft foam.
  • Attach the stars to the garland using pipe cleaners and a hole punch.
  • Buy a bag of USA craft foam stickers at JoAnns for only $1 (near the registers.)USA crown
  • Cut a long strip of craft foam about 2 inches wide, and decorate it with the stickers.
  • TIP: If it is for a smaller child, cut and staple to fit.
  • TIP: If it is for a bigger child and the craft foam is too short, punch holes on each end of the craft foam with a hole punch. Attach the ends of the crown with a pipe cleaner cut to fit the child’s head. (see below).

    back of crown

    This last one is simple and can be made by children without much help from adults.
  • A view of a child\'s head as she wears a crown made of red, white and blue stars and colorful headband.
  • This one is the most simple.
  • Take the garland and wrap it around you child’s head.
  • Take pipecleaners and glue them to the stars (from crown #2).
  • Secure them to the crown.  (bonus: you won’t be able to see where it is secured because the garland hides it).

If you are looking for another craft, this Jelly Bean tree would be ADORABLE with little stars glued on it for the 4th of July!

Thanks to Pam for sharing these adorable 4th of July Crowns!  

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  1. Sooo cute Pam! If my Sweetpea were closer I’d be making her a patriotic crown 🙂