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Many of us love the idea of home cooked meals, but when we actually have to put it into action, there ends up being little follow through. There seems to be the a misconstrued idea that creating a home cooked meal is going to involve long hours and a lot of work.  However, it does not have be that complicated. Really. 🙂

All that it really takes is planning… and a little time.   Like the quote says… “If you fail to plan… you plan to fail.”

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Here are a few simple tips (really) to help you make easy meals for your family. 🙂

(1) Meal Plan – Creating a meal plan is extremely helpful if you are going to be making home cooked meals. Typically, I make my meal plan for two weeks at a time and then get the groceries that are needed. Cooking will seem much more manageable when you already have the items you need stocked in your kitchen.  You can check out Meal Plan Week #1 for free meal ideas. 

(2) Freezer Meals- Many times cooking can sound overwhelming because people are busy. If you have a busy life, take a day or evening to prep a bunch of freezer meals. Every time I have done this, I have been so grateful as it takes away the guessing game of what is for dinner.

(3) Crock-Pot- Using a Crock-Pot is one of my favorite tips for cooking. Our Crock-Pot has saved us so much money because we will not pick up take out as we know the crock pot is home cooking our dinner. There are so many great recipes for crock pot meals that are so tasty.

(4) Keep it Simple- Creating home cooked meals does that mean that you need to be cooking elaborate meals. We typically have our main dish and a side. There is nothing fancy and many times meals are repeated every so often. Especially if you are a busy mama, keep it simple and save yourself some time.

(5) Start Slow- If you are not used to cooking meals, I would suggest starting slow. Maybe you can commit to cooking 4 dinners and eating out or having sandwiches the other nights. Go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

What do you think? Are you ready to start making some meals? Once you get into the swing of things, you will be surprised how easy it becomes!

ps- CLICK HERE FOR THIS FREE MENU PLANNER. I will email you this FREE weekly meal planner here, along with a 30 day fitness plan (completely free). 

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