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This was originally posted last year, but I had to bring it back because I just made it and it is my FAVORITE.

cream cheese and toffee apple dip recipe

They say “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away.”…  with this dip, its more like “6 apples a day keeps the doctor away”.  I’m not exaggerating!  This dip is so good that I can literally eat six apples in a day.  When I was pregnant with our kids, I made this dip constantly!   I still pick this cream cheese and toffee apple dip recipe over any other snack… dare I say, even ice cream (and if you know me well, you know that this is HUGE!)

My friend, Kristy McKito, shared this recipe with me years ago.  (She always finds the best recipes!  Half of the recipes on my “easy dinner recipes with little prep time”Pinterest board are ones that I’ve re-pinned from her!) She saved this recipe given to her by another lady in our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and ever since Kristy gave it to me, it has been my new favorite “fall food”.

Here is how you make it:

8 ounces Cream Cheese (I buy the fat free cream cheese.  You probably want to use full fat if you are making it for a party, but I get Fat Free for myself.  Its not quite the same (a little bit runnier), but it does save on a lot of fat, so its worth it for as much as I’m eating!)
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup white sugar
5 ouncesToffee (I like the one without the chocolate in it)
1 teaspoon Vanilla
toffee apple dip

In a food processor (I like the magic bullet), make the toffee pieces smaller.  Her friend’s original recipe didn’t call for this step, but I like it so much better this way – it makes it easier to eat.  Yum!
cream cheese and toffee apple dip recipe

Let the cream cheese thaw and then mix it up with a mixer.
Add the vanilla
Add the brown sugar
Add the white sugar.
Add the toffee bits…   mix it all together.
toffee apple dip


That’s it!  I like to refrigerate it before eating it, but that’s all there is to it!
Pick your favorite apple for dipping.  I like the really tiny Gala apples (I think they are by the New York Apple Association).

Here is the end result…  delicious!
A leaf shaped bowl holding apple dip with text below it.

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