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Color rice has fast become a favorite in my house, it is so simple to make and I always have all the ingredients at hand.

Besides using the color rice for play in the usual container to feel and measure I wanted to try something new. We had recently made another craft with some glue and it was sitting on my desk, I thought to myself, lets stick some rice on this!

Simple is always better! I got out our tray, a sheet of paper and the color rice from our previous batch we made. You can learn to make color rice here.

rice art

Using the glue I drew spirals and a flower. My 4 year old took to sprinkling and sticking the color rice grains on the spiral and I emptied a bunch of rice on the flower, my almost 3 year old helped spread the rice and I made sure we got it into the glue. We spent a good 15-30 minutes on this.

Once you have finished sticking, and the glue is dry, lift the paper up and shake gently on the tray for loose rice to fall off.

There you have it, a lovely colorful picture from rice! Not only was it fun to play with our color rice but the boys had to use their pincer grips and accurately stick the rice into the glue.

Fun and learning!




Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.49.46 PM



Contributed by: Nicolette Roux of Powerful Mothering. She is a stay at home Mom of 3, four years old and younger. She does most of those mommy things like bake, craft, sew, and even crochet on occasion. Nicolette has a passion for sharing Motherhood, Kids Activities & Crafts and just Everyday Life enrichment with other moms on her blog and social media.

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