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So I am sharing these cold & flu hacks, because my mom was a nurse and she was put in charge of flu shots at local schools and hospitals, so we have a lot of tips. ¬†She coordinated programs to teach people about hand washing and she talked to classes of young children about why they need to keep germs away, through simple things that they might already do. ¬†That’s why Boogie Wipes & I teamed up to bring you some cold & flu hacks!
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Here are a few ideas: 

1. Disinfect doorknobs and faucet & toilet handles, cell phones, keyboards, iPads and handheld video games, light switches and other high traffic, often touched areas

2. Wash dish & hand towels , microwave wet sponges for 2 minutes to kill germs and either replace your mop head, disinfect it in very high temperature solution of soap & water (think boiling) or use disposable or reusable mop heads, I love our steam mop for this exact reason!

3. Sheets & pillowcases should be washed in hot water and dried on the highest setting (to kill germs) . Don’t forget your family’s favorite throws and couch pillows as well!

3.¬†Get a flu shot. ¬†I know (yes, I know) that many of you will not do this and I do not judge because to each their own. ¬†However, we do get flu shots, because I have seen cases of children dying from the flu. ¬† (Not a cold, not a stomach bug that people call “the flu”, but the actual flu. ¬†Mickey had the flu last year and was in bed for 5 days with a fever over 104. ¬†He did not get his flu shot last year.)

4. Replace toothbrushes regularly and especially after someone in your family has been sick.

5. Use¬†Boogie Wipes Saline Mist for keeping nasal passages moist and clearing out bacterial and viral particles picked up during the day. ¬†If you have never heard ¬†of it… this will help…

boogie wipes

6. Open the windows and air out your house! The air in our homes is often the most polluted air we breathe simply because we don’t open up and circulate it often enough. Throw up those windows and turn on some fans to get the old air out and bring some fresh air in!

7. Carry Boogie Wipes in your purse. ¬†I use this little travel pack and wipe the kids noses at the first sign of a runny nose. ¬†No need to spread those germs around¬†… and you can get a coupon for¬†Boogie Wipes right here,¬†too!
boogie wipes

8- Keep a plastic bag in the car to contain all of the used wipes & tissues¬†– you don’t want these things just lying around the car or shoved in cup holders.

9- Drink extra water.  Ok- I get it.  I am NOT a huge water drinker, but it will thin mucus for your kids little noses and then you can get more out.   It will help. (avoid dairy because it does the opposite)

10- Exercise with your kids.  Take them outside.  The fresh air will open their lungs and the vitamin D is always a welcome thing!

11- Eat Almonds to clear a sinus headache.  Weird, but it works.

what do you think?   Have you tried any hacks that you can share?

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