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Clutter is like snowflakes… it builds up in piles and just stays there.   It doesn’t matter where, because once it starts, it just keeps growing.

We all know clutter piles when we see it.  It quickly becomes more than it was intended to be.  That “basket” of “mail” has grown into a basket of mail, keys, sunglasses, hair ties & more.   It soon spreads past the basket & starts to take over the space around the basket.   Soon it has seemed to take on a life of its own, cluttering tables, countertops, bar-stool seats & more.
A collage of five pictures of items hanging on a wall. That is why I wanted to share this sponsored post written by me on behalf Liberty Hardware for IZEA to help you get organized.  All opinions are 100% mine.

SO… the clutter pile that just keeps spreading?  That is what was starting to happen in our home.  Today, I am going to give you a few organizing ideas to help you get rid of your clutter piles, too.

This basket (below) was meant for keys.  Soon, it started to collect other things – see that princess crown in there?  Clearly, that is not an essential thing that should be in the basket.  Do you notice the rented library movies in front of it or the $5 beside it?  That is what has happened- it has become a catch-all spot… a clutter pile.

A woven basket with numerous items in it.

So, when I started my 7-day declutter challenge on the blog, I gave myself this task: Clear up this clutter pile and never let it come back!

Say Hello to Calleo I went online to and ordered a lot of the products from the Calleo Collection by Threshold Branded.   I picked it because of its ability to adapt to different spaces (see the video below).

So, I went to town.
A display in a store.
After we picked everything out, Mickey started putting it together.

He mounted the rail to the wall & slide on the baskets.  I took our baskets OFF of the countertop and hung them on the wall.  They are perfect for keys.  I use the bottom one to hold electronics or other things that we don’t want to leave on the countertop.
Here is the after:

Items stored in wire shelving hanging on the wall.

Because of the Customizable storage options, I was able to pick & choose what I wanted in this space.

I also ordered a few parts for the entry-way.   When you go to or go to the store (it is sold Exclusively at Target ), you can pick what you want.  You just choose your rail (we picked the color that we thought matched our walls the best), you pick your slide-on accessories and then you start organizing your space.

We went with a few baskets for storing things like wallets, sunglasses, keys, anything that needs to be returned (see those library movies), small thing, etc… and we ordered hooks (they can go on the wall or on the rail) for bags, hats, purses, leashes, backpacks if a friend comes over, coats & more.   

A purse and a ball cap hanging on a wooden rack with hooks on the wall.

All in all, I love the way that it turned out!  Plus, each person in our family gets a hook to hang one thing. 🙂
Ps- the basket on the floor is for shoes.

Side view of items hanging on a wooden rack with hooks.

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