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You know how much I love to control clutter & just have a clean home.  I write about it often and I even made a declutter course to help your home be clutter-free, clean & organized.   So, I wanted to share a new printable that I made for you to clean the bathroom when you have just 5 minutes to spare. (see it at the bottom of this post).   I also wanted to share an update from a company that we love:

One of my favorite companies, Grove, is running a great cleaning deal where you spend $20 (on anything from garbage bags & paper towels to hand lotion & candles) and you get $40 worth of free products.  Mickey and I order through Grove already and we really love their company. (In fact, just now, when I had Mickey proof-read this post for me, he said “They’re running a deal?  Did you get it?  Tell them that I love their products.”  I’m not exaggerating.  haha!!) 

Anyway, once a month their cleaning products come to our door and give us a whole new set of cleaning supplies (and a candle, because I love their candles!)  and every so often they run a special, like this one.  I try to take advantage of it and I try to remember to tell you about it, because it only lasts a few days & then they stop the sale or they run out of the supplies.  The sales are definitely popular.

Right now the free products that they are giving away includes a super cute enamel cleaning caddy stocked with supplies from Grove Collaborative and Mrs. Meyer’s.  I keep this upstairs in the laundry room and I just grab it and go room to room.  I keep it stocked with all of my cleaning supplies.   (I also keep an extra one in Beau’s room for his LEGO sets.  It sounds crazy, but it is perfect for this.  He can take them from room to room and when he is done, they just go right back onto his shelf in the closet. haha!)  

I was thrilled to see that the caddy came with a Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, hand soap, and the brand new hand lotion too, for this month’s special. Mrs. Meyer’s soaps were some of the first natural products I switched to, and they’ve been a sink-side staple ever since.  (The lemon verbena scent is my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with the honeysuckle or lavender, either.)

The kit also comes with these Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges, made from crushed walnuts.
(See the sponges in front of the cute little cleaning tote)


If you are new to Grove…. Once you sign up, Grove will ask you a few questions about your home and recommend products you’ll love from brands like Seventh Generation, Method, and Mrs. Meyer’s (don’t miss their house brand too!). They deliver everything you need right to your doorstep, on your schedule so you never run out. I’ve been a member for over a year, and I’ve been so impressed with the quality of their products, the fabulous customer service (they are so nice.  I can’t stress that enough!), and how easy the whole process is.

Right now, when you sign up for Grove and place your first order of $20, you’ll get this Fresh Start offer for free:

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap
  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s lotion
  • Free Grove Collaborative Enamel Cleaning Caddy
  • Free Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges 
  • Free shippingMeyer\'s clean day products on a counter with a vase beside them.

If you’re already a Grove customer, you’ll get a free Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap with your next order when you use my link .

Choose your favorite scent — honeysuckle, lemon verbena, or lavender — when you check out. These brand new lotions are only available at Grove, so don’t miss out on your chance to try them! The offer ends soon and supplies are limited. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the Fresh Start Kit for free when you sign up!

2. Answer 4 quick questions about your home that Grove Collaborative will then use to customize your first basket — this takes under 30 seconds!

3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize your basket of products to suit your household needs by adding or removing items.

4. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive in your first box.

5. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

I hope this was helpful!  I don’t send out deals often, but this was one that I wanted to share because we love using their products (and they are so sweet!)  I’ll be sending out another declutter deal in just a few weeks.  I’m actually teamed up with a few other bloggers and we are working on a huge declutter thing… but more to come on that in just a few weeks (two weeks, I think!)

In the meantime, I also wanted to give you this Bathroom “quick clean” in 5 minutes chart.  You can print it off here:
(just hang it up behind one of the cabinet doors in your bathroom)
Meyer\'s products on a glass table with text below it.

I hope this was helpful! 


Ps- Here are the links you might need (for quick reference):

1).  Grove Free Offer.
2).  Declutter Course (7 days to a decluttered home… and in the course is a house tour of our house just for fun… and a support group where everyone shares the BEST before & after pictures. 🙂
3).  Five minutes to clean (bathroom) printable here.

PS- you are welcome to sign up for my free cleaning email series here.


Disclosure: You are welcome to share this information & images, but not use it as your own.  This post contains affiliate links to things that I love! 

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