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Hi! Every Saturday we hold our Pin-it party. I invite you to stop by and share your favorite pins and posts!

The following week, I share one with you!

Ok, this week, I am sharing one that I cannot wait to try!  It is how to keep birds out of ferns and I really need this post today!    We have a large southern-style front porch on our home.  It was what drew my husband and I to our home in the first place… You can see it in the picture below.  It wraps partially around the house and we have rocking chars and a swing out there, so we love to spend our time on our porch (they weren’t up in this picture because this picture was taken when we moved in a few years ago.  You should see those trees by the stairs now!)

Our southern house

Anyways, we LOVE to hang ferns on our porch, in each opening (in between the pillars), but every year I dread doing it because of birds.  The birds nest there, which is wonderful for the birds, but then I stop watering the ferns because I don’t want to drown the birds.   So, the birds live, the ferns die.  Every. Single. Year.

When I saw this pin on our Pin-it party I was so excited because this idea is fantastic and I am going to try it today!

keep birds out of ferns


Check out how she puts toys in her plants to keep the birds out of ferns on this post at  I think it is genius and I hope that it works!   Love it!

Onto the party with myself and my three dear friends:

A group of people posing for a photos.

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  1. I had little red headed birds in my ferns this year. 15yrs I never had a problem with nesting birds.
    Well I left them but I took a wide mouth 5 gal bucket and put water in and carefully took the fern off its hook and put it in the bucket of water. Left it for 30min ( mama bird watching and chirping) . When time was up, I carefully put it back on the hook. They are gone now and my ferns live on. Happy Happy.
    I will be trying out your post from now on. Thanks for sharing