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It can be hard turning a little kid room into a big kid room- swapping out Mickey Mouse for Alligators, ABC signs for baseball signs, etc… but it is so much fun!  Today I partnered with Lush Decor to share 10 of my favorite big-kid beds (& bedding ideas) with you.


1- We love this bedding from Lush Decor.   It is still kid-friendly, but looks like a big-kid’s room.  The gray & green colors are perfect because they are pretty neutral, so you can add other colors and it will work well.  They sent it to us last week and it Ethan just LOVES it!

Add a fun matching Lush Decor throw to this bedding set & you have a perfect place to sit & cuddle:

2.  Go even more neutral & add to the space.  In our son’s room, we picked this gray & white bedding (also from Lush Decor):

Mickey had built this great headboard with the light in it, so it works well in the space.  (He stained it a gray color, as well)lush2

Again, we ordered a gray throw from Lush Decor (it has elephants on it) for his room (although Allie has kind of taken ownership of it):


3.  I love this bed, because I love canopy beds!  I had one growing up and I can’t wait to get one for Allie.  They are so pretty (& I’m sure she’d feel like a princess!)



4. I love the look of this bedroom, because it is simple but has a little desk under it, so it is also functional.


5.  I love this next one, because I think that Mickey could make this bed for Allie’s room pretty easily and it would be just as beautiful.  Plus, as she gets older, she can change it up a big.

source: gemelares
source: gemelares

6. Just for fun… I had to add this one!  Beau would LOVE it!


7.  If you have more than one child, this is perfect. I love the ideas of putting the bunk beds in the wall like that.  I watched my dad and my husband build a closet where there was nothing (they put up a wall, etc…) so I think building a wall around bunk-beds would be relatively easy.)

source: flickr


8. This bed is great for kids because of the hammock underneath.  Anyone could do this with a bunk bed & if your child tires of it, add a desk instead.

9. I think that I love this one because it is like having a build in desk on the bed (and Mickey could make it) 🙂

source: dumpaday

10. This last one would work on so many levels, changing out the basketball hoop for whatever your child was interested in at the time.  I love the trophy case by the bed and the top area to hang out above the bed.


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