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The Wine Advent Calendar Idea is so creative!

I’m not much of a wine drinker, but when I was shopping at Aldi last week, the cashier said “It’s slower in here today.  Yesterday we released the Wine Advent Calendar from Aldi, and it sold out in an hour!  There were customers lined up at the door before we opened.”

Wine Advent Calendar

After I had heard how quickly the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar sold out, I decided to look into some Do-it-Yourself versions. I found quite a few DIY Advent Calendars with Wine that I am going to share today.  While searching, I found that there are so many wine advent calendars, from a simple Advent Calendar Wine Box to easy numbered labels that you put on each bottle.

The Wine Calendar would be a great gift for that friend that loved to have a glass at night, or liked to try new wines, or for a friend that hosts dinner parties often.  I started to think of my friends and family members that enjoy a glass of wine and would have gladly taken Aldi up on their Wine Advent Calendar deal.  I decided to find other Advent Calendar with Wine ideas to share on my blog today, so they could make their own to enjoy while they wait for Christmas.

Here are 10 of my favorite Wine Bottle Advent Calendars

A bunch of different types of Advent Calendars on display with text.

The adorable red & white cardboard tags from World Market is adorable.  Simple and adorable!  (pictured above: bottom left image)

I also love the idea of just having a board with colorful tags.  Put a number on the back of each one and they can choose whatever gift is wrapped up that day: a bottle of wine, a treat, or a little gift.  (pictured above)

I love the idea of making an adorable Christmas tree like the one found on Pinterest.   I’d love to know the original source of this – it’s a great idea! (pictured below).
Pictures of a Wine Advent Calendar being constructed with the final product decorated with a red bow.Grab these tags that World Market featured on their blog are numbered and put them on each bottle.  Place the bottles into the 24 bottle wine rack.   “With the perfect mix of white and red wines, an affordable wine rack and fun gift tags, this advent calendar makes a great backdrop to your holiday decorations, and is an excellent gift for your friends who are wine enthusiasts.”

I loved the photo, below, seen on the Incredibrew Facebook page.   They wrapped each one in tissue paper and labeled the top.

Variety of photos showing materials needed to construct a Wine Advent Calendar.

This one from HomeTalk is probably one of my favorites.  She printed “countdown” tags on her printer and cut them in the shape of little tags.  With a little baker’s twine in the top of the tag, they are the perfect addition to each bottle. (pictured below)

A wooden wine rack holding numerous bottles of wine with tags attached to the neck of each bottle.
Another similar idea was posted by my friend, Kristen, on her Facebook page.  She made her own DIY Advent Wine Calendar years ago, although I just saw it the other day.   So cute! A close up of a metal wine rack holding wine bottles with numbered tags hanging from each bottle.
I love how RunEatRepeat uses mini wine bottles to fill her DIY Wine Advent Calendar.   It looks so simple & it’s creative!   (See the last image below)

The galvanized bucket countdown below is adorable!!  You could fill it with mini wine bottles, but it is also a great idea to fill with anything to make someone’s day!

The white labels (middle picture below) are so classic and simple.   I tried to find the source so you could print them, but it looks like they came from Sweet Life Ala Carte is no longer a working blog.  I think these could be made using a computer & labels.

DIY Wine Advent Calendars 1
These DIY Wine Advent Calendars are the perfect gift for a friend or family member that loves wine.  They can find the surprise of a new bottle every day and save their favorites for the perfect weekend, dinner party or evening at home.

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