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Beach Skin Care Tips & Must-Haves For Adults

If there is one thing that we love about summer break, it’s our beach days.  We spend most of our summer days by the ocean, even if it’s just for a quick swim in the salty water or a short walk down the sandy coastline.

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Although, most days we leave enough time to build a sandcastle and do a little digging in the sand.

healthy essentials

I have been spending my summers by the ocean since I was a baby. My grandmother lived just a block away from the beach, so she took her morning walk on the sandy shores and her evening strolls watching the sunset over the water. With thirty years of experience behind her, she gave me some advice about the beach:


  1. Always enjoy every minute of it with the ones you love.A man and woman standing on the beach together.
  2. Take care of your skin, because your skin doesn’t love the sun like you do. Protect it, then sit back and enjoy.   

healthy essentials

Thanks to my grandma, I always try to remember to wear a good sunscreen and take care of my face, before and after hitting the waves. I keep a few products with me when I head to the beach, and I can feel good knowing that I have everything I need to keep my skin protected and looking its best.

My summer skin routine is simple;  hydrate my skin with a good moisturizer in the morning, protect it with SPF, and never forget to wash my face every day.

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