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Bathtime is probably our favorite time of the day.  The kids LOVE taking a bath and if we try to skip it because we have gotten home too late, they are very unhappy.   That’s a good thing, I suppose! 😉    Today I am partnering with JOHNSON’S® for this sponsored post, to share some helpful tips.

So… we do end up giving them a bath every night (on nights that we have to miss, we use JOHNSON’S® baby cleansing cloths – it helps parents give their baby an overall-bath from top to bottom—no tub or water required.)

I know that many of my friends don’t do nightly baths because their baby’s skin always seems dry, so today I wanted to talk about how we prevent this.

Babies’ skin loses moisture twice as fast as that of adults, making it more sensitive and prone to dryness. In fact, 40% of moms found dry skin patches on their baby within the first 12 months.

1. We use what they love.  Our kids love JOHNSON’S® products.  We’ve been using them since they were newborns (so going on ten years).   It seems like the dry hot air of the summer causes baby’s & kid’s skin to lose even more moisture, so we’ve been using the new  JOHNSON’S®HEAD-TO-TOE® extra moisturizing baby wash in the bathtub.

It provides ten times more moisture than traditional HEAD-TO-TOE® baby wash.  Our kids have sensitive skin, so that means more nourishment for their skin.  (Works well in the winter, too!)


2. Play in the bathtub – experiences are good for your baby’s brain!  While genes play a role in brain development, experiences have a significant impact on how it develops.  Stable, caring and interactive relationships with adults promote healthy brain development.


3. Don’t stop when they get older.  Our three year old loves to play as much as she did when she was a baby!  In fact, during the first three years of life, every touch, every smell and every moment helps shape baby’s brain.  Stable, caring and interactive relationships with adults promote healthy brain development.

A little girl smiling at the camera.

4. Give them a massage afterward. Skin is the first sense organ to develop prenatally, making touch the first sense to develop.  Did you know that babies are dependent on touch for exploring the world?

Baby’s first sensory stimulation in life comes from touch while still in the womb. Touch is so important that some consider skin to be the external nervous system.   For this reason, we always lather them up after a bath with the new JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® extra moisturizing baby cream. Our 1 year old nephew just loves his massage!

5.  Know the products that you use.
Last year, I went to NYC to meet with the JOHNSON’S® R&D team.  I was able to see how research went into what they know.  JOHNSON’S® is the 1st baby skincare company to study how baby’s skin develops from birth and evaluates products across different skin ethnicities and continents.

J&J 1

JOHNSON’S® has been leading the science and setting global standards in baby skin care by developing high-quality products that are safe and extensively tested.  Plus they have helped to advance 90% of research in understanding the baby’s skin.


This post was sponsored by JOHNSON’S®. All thoughts and ideas are my own.

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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