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TODAY OUR YOUNGEST SON TURNS FOUR!! ¬† He was so easy to buy a gift for because right now he is open to anything and everything. ¬†He doesn’t have too many favorites, so I can easily find him something that he will love.

On the other hand, our 7¬†year old is getting¬†a little harder to buy for,¬†because he is growing out of “toys”. ¬† He is turning 8 in August, so I wanted to share 8 practical gift ideas for an 8 year old boy. ¬† These are are things that I think he will really enjoy. ¬†They are PRACTICAL, too, which works better at that age.

A boy holding a wrapped present behind his back with text above him.

1- Books. ¬†He loves reading! ¬†He is really into the Magic Treehouse books and any sort of mystery books. ¬† He just got his own library card this past week, and the librarian told him about how it is for responsible children, etc… ¬† it was like a gift in itself. ¬†I buy books used most of the time, at consignment sales.

2- A stocked desk organizer. ¬† Our son organizes his room every few days, so a desk organizer is perfect for him. ¬†It keeps his markers, pens, erasers, etc… organized. ¬†(Fill it up for him- that’s half of the fun!)

3- A new backpack for school. I would find out which one he wants and buy him a new one for school (try to be sneaky).

4- Pajamas – Our kids love new pajamas! ¬†My mom buys them PJ’s often (she’s a great shopper & always seems to get them on sale) and the kids are so excited each time! ¬† I just bought some at 80% off yesterday, so I am saving them for his 8th birthday.

5- Boxer Briefs- Our son prefers boxer briefs over anything else. ¬† He has even gotten his brothers to wear them, as well. ¬† I buy the Fruit of the Loom¬ģ¬†Sure Fit collection at Walmart.¬† I would buy these ahead of time and wash them (my husband thinks that everything needs to be washed before it is worn, but thankfully these boxer briefs don’t fade/stretch/change in the wash, so they still come out great. ¬† ¬†Here is a picture of the ones that we buy (as we were buying them- haha!) A man holding two packages of men\'s underwear.

6- Undershirts. ¬†If your son is anything like ours, he has started to want to wear these under his nice shirts (like his Dad… see him wearing them here:
A man standing in a room smiling at the camera.

So, he wears them for church. ¬† Again, we use the¬†Fruit of the Loom¬ģ¬†Sure Fit from Walmart. ¬† They hold up so much better than others. ¬†Find out more about the Fruit of the Loom¬ģ¬†Sure Fit here¬†start happy‚ĄĘ
A package of men\'s Fruit of Loom underwear.


7- Shoes – a new pair of sandals or tennis shoes goes a long way!
Our kids love shoes, anyways, so this is always a hit.   We can get a pair of flip flops for a few dollars at Wal-Mart and they will last all summer long- perfect to wear to the pool.

8- A board game. ¬†This isn’t quite as practical, but it is very fun, can be used over and over again and it promotes family bonding time, so I think it needed to make this list. ¬† A few of our favorites are Clue, Headbandz, sorry sliders, monopoly (not my favorite but the kids like it) and Chutes & Ladders. What else can you suggest for a boy’s birthday gift?

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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