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Being a teacher and a now a play therapist, I know that the possibilities of a child’s imagination are boundless when they’re given the opportunity to create.   I have had the chance to really learn how each of our children learns and one thing is certain- they learn the most when they are doing it.   

Kids love to explore.  Learning to create something or build something is how our kids discover how things work.  They build by discovery.  For that reason, I know that it is up to us to really let our kids discover and explore at home.   I want to give them a chance to explore how their world works. We want them to pursue curiosity, contemplation and exploration, as those things will lead to excitement of discovery.

Last week, our kids learned about The Speaker Cube from BOSEbuild – It is is one of their newest products that allows children (and their families) to build an actual “Bose-quality” product that can be used and enjoyed for the years that follow.  It comes with an interactive app that provides step-by-step activities through hands-on explorations. The Speaker Cube is fully customizable and changes colors, so the kids really get to have a hands-on, Build-it-yourself experience. 

This was exactly the type of thing that Beau loves! 

bose beck 1

The BOSEbuild philosophy is that when kids look around their own room, there are endless possibilities for exploring how their world works. That fits our family’s philosophy, so we couldn’t wait to try it.   (You can pre-order it at for $149 (suggested age is 8+).

bose beck 2

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is a journey through the science of sound from magnets to music.   You follow the gamified mobile app and it walks you through everything. 

Example: step one- test the magnet with different things in your house. 

Step two- make this (yellow) spring jump OFF of the magnet by using the app “coil launcher”.  

The whole thing invites kids to experiment with how a simple magnet and coil can make sound.

bose beck 3

We worked on it together, as a family.   It was a guided sort of experience.   They loved building it and they loved personalizing their speakers just as much ( you can choose your own LED lights, silhouette covers and clip arrangements.)

Ps- look at the picture below.  That little white paper thing is a speaker!  It used magnets to make sounds and it teaches the kids how a real speaker works.  You can use a cup to change the sound.  It is really fun… Mickey and I learned as much as the kids. 🙂 

bose beck 4

In the end, all of our kids were using it and playing with it.   They each loved it… and we just may have danced for about an hour afterwards.   

Ps- note to self: if you let your kids keep the speaker and app in their room, you might hear them playing with it 10 minutes after bedtime.  hahaha!    (At least they know that building is fun… what do you think?   How do you let your kids explore the world around them? 

Bose Beck 5



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