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I love to try out cool science experiments with the kids…

5 ideas to bring out their inner scientist!

Everyone plants a garden or grows flowers for a reason.  We love to spend that outdoor time with our family.  Here are a few to get you started: We try to Gro Something Greater – we grow scientists! 

1. Buy terra-cotta pots and let the kids decorate them (use their thumbs, dipped in paint, to make a butterfly).  Fill one pot with dirt and fill the other one with Miracle-Gro.  Let the kids keep track of the growth to see how a nutrient-rich soil will help their kids grow faster and better.   Give each child a ruler and a chart to keep their own “scientific records”
5 ideas to bring out their inner scientist!

2.  Plant a sapling (a baby tree) in your yard.  Buy one at the nursery, bring it home and plant it.
Use Miracle-Gro when you plant it, to give it the best start. Every year, take a picture of your child next to your tree. Let them watch how the tree grows, just like your child grows.

3.  Talk to your children about how growing a garden to feed your family can be less expensive than buying the food at the store.  Make a chart and compare the prices.

4. Buy two pots and two plants.  Put one of the plants in the sun and the other plant in the shade.  Show your kids how the pot with the sun does better than the one in the shade.  I would also do this with watering.  Show your children how the plant that does not have water can not survive, while the one with the water is thriving.

5.  Make a “split end” flower.  Let your kids pick a flower (if you grow carnations, they work the best for this).  Split the stem straight down the middle, with a knife.  Put each step into a cup of water- Add food coloring to each side (different color on each side).

**You could even get test tubes and fill each one with a different color.  Put a carnation into each one and watch them each turn a different color.  Leave one with just plain water.
See how they change colors, based on the colored water.

A close up of a flower with two different colored pedals and text beside it.

ps- Here are 10 more experiments that your kids will love!  What experiments do you like to do with your kids? Share your own gardening tips below…

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