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halloween tipsHalloween is just around the corner and sometimes it can be challenging to keep our little ghouls and goblins out of the candy bowl and eating healthy.  From Halloween parties to trick or treating, this time of year seems to be filled with sweet candy treats of all kinds.  A key to keeping these sweets to a minimum is to have a plan BEFORE you head out the door.

So we’ve put together 5 tips that can help keep Halloween fun AND healthy!

  1. Buy your Halloween candy that day not in advance.  This way you don’t get tempted to dive into that bag over the days leading up to trick or treating.  And when you do buy the candy, don’t buy the kind you really love.  Pick up the variety that isn’t so tempting!
  1. Buy something other than candy to hand out this Halloween.   Passing out little goodies like yo-yos, glow sticks, pencils, etc. is a great way to cut back on the temptations in your own house and it’s a great alternative for the kids. You can easily find these types of items at any big box store or you can order large quantities online at places like Oriental Trading.
  1. Eat a healthy well balanced dinner before you head out the door.  This can help cut down on candy consumption when you all return home with sacks full of candy.
  1. Review the candy rules. How many pieces of candy can they eat when they get home? How many pieces can they have per day for the next few days?  What is the plan for the balance of the candy?  Having a candy plan or “treat schedule” makes it easier for everyone in the family.
  1. Look for alternatives to keeping all that candy in the house. Try one of these great ideas:
  • A favorite in our household :The Halloween Fairy!
    halloween fairy
    How it works…  Have your kids pick their 10 favorite candies and then leave the rest in their bucket.  That night the Halloween Fairy comes to take the candy and replaces it with a small toy.  The Halloween Fairy takes this candy to all the little girls and boys that didn’t have the chance to get candy this year.  The kids love it!  The kids still get to join in on the fun of trick or treating and eating SOME candy. It’s a great way to teach kids about sharing, moderation and even making choices.
  • Other option includes participating in a candy “trade-in” event.  Earth Fare does a candy trade-in day as well as local dentists.
  • You could also look into shipping your candy to the troops, as a family or even make it a school-wide event!  There are wonderful organizations that make the process super simple.  Here are a couple to check out if you are interested:

Operation Shoebox

Operation Gratitude

It isn’t about denying your kids the traditions of Halloween.  It’s about finding that healthy balance.   So get creative.  Let your kiddos help you out with making a plan.  And enjoy a hauntingly healthy Halloween…happy haunting!

Do you have any healthy Halloween tips you’d like to share?  Let’s make this Halloween a little healthier this year!

If you aren’t in it for the healthy part of halloween… check out these FUN foods 🙂
14 fun foods

~ Angela Wilkinson – Total Nutrition Technology Founder/President

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