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There’s no question that November and December are some of the busiest months of the year.  It’s the beginning of cold winter weather as well as the start of the holiday season, meaning there are lots of activities to plan and organize.   I hope that these 5 easy ways to get organized for the colder months will help you!

Luckily, a few simple organizational tips can go a long way. Use these five ideas to cut down on stress and make your life easier this fall and winter:

  • Dinner:  (You probably know this first tip, but it is an important one because it really helps to make life easier!) Make meals ahead of time and keep them in the freezer for quick but hearty dinners on nights when you don’t feel like cooking. Traditional winter comfort foods like soup, chili and casseroles are particularly suited to freezer storage and you’ll be glad to have premade meals ready on your next busy night.   Here is a link to our family-friendly recipes. 


  • In the Kitchen: Go through your kitchen cabinets and move all of your cold-weather cooking supplies to the front so they’re easy to reach when you need them. Make sure you have easy access to tools like slow cookers, water heaters and casserole dishes, as well as ingredients like hot cocoa, tea and cans of soup.


  •  Parties: On nights when you know you’re having company over, triple line your trash can with trash bags to make cleaning up a breeze. This way, whenever you fill up the first bag there will already be another one in place and ready to go. Hosting a crowd is stressful enough, and this trick can save you the hassle of having to search for a new bag every time you need one.


  • In your closet: Instead of hanging up cozy knit sweaters and stuffing them into your closet, fold and stack your knits on top of one another. It’s easier to clear off a shelf than it is to make room in an already packed closet, and sweaters will last longer if they’re folded rather than hung anyway.   At the end of the season, store them in freezer bags and when that season rolls around again, freeze for 72 hours, before using them (no need for moth balls anymore!)


  • Take care of YOU.   We all tend to let our health go a little in the colder weather.  You do all of these things to keep your home beautiful and organized for the holidays, but don’t forget to keep your health in check, too!  If you always put yourself last, you won’t have the energy to keep up with anything.    Join an easy program (I like Fit2B) where you can exercise when you want, in your home. You use your computer, laptop, phone, tablet (whatever) and you get in shape on your terms when you are ready.   Taking care of yourself will make you a better wife, mom & person!
    Oh!!  Use the code Yourmodernfamily to get $10 off of your first month at Fit2B  (if you are a Mom, this online workout plan is for you!  Its perfect!)


Use these simple tricks to save yourself unnecessary time and stress this season. Do you have any other easy ways to get organized and simplify your schedule? If so, share them below!

5 organizing tips for fall & winter (pantry, closet, & more…).

Thanks to Katie F. on behalf of Hefty® for sharing a few of these ideas!  For products like plastic food storage containers to help you stay organized, visit Hefty.


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