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Hi there, Stefanie again from Simple Acres and I am excited to share a  DIY project that with simplify your evenings with your kids!

Who needs a stress free evening that flows nicely with kids who listen better? My kids routine message board has been a hit with my kids. I hope it can be helpful for you and yours as well. I have a free printable in this one I am excited to share, so lets get busy creating!

kids message board DIY

My kids routine message board DIY  not only keeps me on schedule with the things I need to achieve with my little ones after school but it also is a fun way for them to be involved in sticking to our nightly schedule as well.

Below is a picture of the FREE watercolor printable I created for this project. The images in this project are perfect for young kids that are not reading yet although words can be added simply.

We start our after school routine with a snack (apple) and active free time (butterfly). After this we do our homework together (pencil), then we play a physical sport or game (baseball). After this, around 6 we have dinner then the kids take care of their pets (cat and dog), we do bath time (water with ducky) and brush teeth (toothbrush). Lastly, we read a book as a group (book) then it is off to bed.

Click here to be get the free printable– `you can download and print the images below.

watercolor printable

Kids Message Board DIY materials:

  • thicker paper (stock if possible) to print your FREE printable off on
  • scissors
  • glue stick or double sided tape
  • 8 x 10 colored crafting paper
  • 8 x 10 or larger frame
  • dry erase marker or washable kids marker

kids crafts and art


  1. Print the FREE printable.
  2. Cut out the images with your scissors.
  3. Cut your colored craft paper to fit your frame.
  4. Attach images on paper with tape or glue.
  5. Place paper with images in frame.

watercolor art for kids

That is it friends! This DIY will take you 5 minutes and you are on your way to using a simple tool that guides you and your children through your evening until bed.

kids picture message board

Here is how to use your new kids routine message board:

  • I set a timer for each activity or part of our evening. This allows me to stay on track with all the things we need to accomplish to allow a timely bedtime. This reduces my nagging because the alarm cues the kids it is time to shift to the next activity. This has truly made our evenings less stressful!
  • After each activity has been accomplished one of the children gets to mark off the picture we completed. This encourages them to take part and have ownership in their routine. They really have liked this.
  • Once the evening is over I wipe the glass and it is clean for a new start the next day.


after school routine message board

I hope you find this kids routine message board to be helpful in simplifying your evening. If we simplify more in life we can savor the joys of raising and loving our children! Dovidenia. XO

PS- The little tie dye watercolor banner pictured on my frame above can be found here.


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