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20 Best Coastal Gallery Wall Ideas


I love coastal wall art and I wanted to share the 20 Best Coastal Gallery Wall Ideas that I found on

I love working with Minted and they were so sweet to provide me with some pieces to help with this post.A variety of photos of furniture and wall decorations with text between them. has an amazing professional art styling services for customers who could use help curating artwork from their Art Marketplace for their home. It’s great for projects like a gallery wall, for example.  I used the Minted Art Styling service and the experience was great! I took a picture on my phone and sent it to them. They texted me back and asked about the size of the room, what I am interested in, etc… After going back and forth, they sent me an amazing plan with an image of MY wall with art pieces that THEY suggested. I loved the way that they planned it and set everything up on my wall (and all done digitally). It’s so valuable to have someone help you plan these things.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces for a Coastal Wall:

  1. California Coast by Lindsay Megahed
    A close up of a painting of the ocean and beach.
  2. Sea Shell Swirls by Debra Butler
  3. Meet You There by Ali KurzejaA wooden couch with a Coastal themed painting above it.
  4. Vacay Day by Jocelyn Edin
  5. Solitary Watch by Karen Kaul
    A woman holding a painting of the beach.
  6. Dune by Ashleigh Ninos
  7. Saltwater Current by Teodora Guererra
  8. Floating On A Cloud by Alicia Bock
  9. The Tale Of Two Tails by Sidney Marie Morris
  10. Huntington Beach Pier Reflections by Debra Butler
    A person standing beside a large painting of a bridge with water going under it.
  11. Ombre Waves by Honeybunch Studio
  12. Bench By The Sea 2 by Gray Star Design
    A woman holding a painting of the beach.
  13. Surf Dream by Jenny Partrite
  14. Cannon Beach No. 2 by Kamala NahasA woman holding a painting of the beach.
  15. Wetland by Field and Sky
  16. Whale Series One by Shirley Lin Schneider
  17. California Seascape by Wilder California
  18. Sunset Study by Jessica Cardelucci Nugent
  19. Sand Castles by Jenny Partrite
  20. 8th Street Tower by Shannon Howard
    A painting of a life guard station on the beach.

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