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This is a sponsored post by Mom it Forward andRuby.

I was so excited to take part in this sponsored post because you know how I love a great deal!   I love this website and I am happy to share it with you, along with how I use it to get ready when I only have a few minutes.  I know that many of you are in the same boat!

Here is how my morning looks & how I get ready from head to toe in about 10 minutes flat! 

Four kids.  One adult.  This is what my morning looks like. 

My husband leaves for work at 7:30 and all of the kids wake up. (Our oldest is up at 7:00, but the other kids don’t wake up so early.  I usually have to wake up our 5 year old and our one year old, while our 3 year old wakes up on his own around this time).
So- Here is how our morning looks:
I get up, make my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face (so that it will be dry later when i am ready to put on my makeup) & throw my hair into a messy bun (my Mom calls this a “knot”) and then I head off to get the kids up.
I tell the kids to get dressed and I get everyone ready to go (everything… teeth, hair, shoes, lunch boxes ready in backpacks, breakfast made).   Now that they are ready, I can get ready myself.
Ok so now onto my routine:
Put on foundation or powder (usually not both because I don’t want to look to “made up” for a normal day.  Put on eye shadow, under-eye make-up (sleep with four kids in the house doesn’t look good), mascara & lip-stick.
Onto my hair- I let my hair down and start to fix it.  It is naturally wavy, so if I have to just let it go that day, it still looks OK, but I prefer to fix it.  This is where the magic comes in (by “magic”, I mean- not much time spent & I am happy with the outcome).
I get out my NuMe’s Curl Jam set because it does everything to style your hair.  It includes a Fashionista Flat Iron and the Tri-fect (3-in-one digital curling wand).   So, when I want it flat- I use the flat iron part to smooth it out with their best selling Fashionista Tourmaline Infused Ceramic Iron.  I like it because it uses infrared heat and negative ion technology, so it leaves my hair really smooth.
When I want a little added curl, I use the 3-in-one digital curling wand that came with the NuMe’s Curl Jam Set.  It is perfect because it has 3 barrel sizes (19mm, 25mm and 32mm)  I like this because it was reinvented for the most demanding styling and long-lasting hold, which is exactly what I need with four kids here for me to play with, teach & love all day long!   If you are looking at the NuMe Curl Jam Set: You essentially get 3 curling irons in one- check it out here.
10 minute morning routine with easy tools!  check it out!  LOVE this!
I ordered mine from AndRuby.Have you seen this awesome new deal site website yet?   (You know how I love a good deal!)  This site has their items at 80% off, 75 % off, 92% off…  love it!
makes it really easy to use because they have a new cart feature to let you shop easily!  I was shocked & excited when I found it and the products are always changing!  It literally has some of the CUTEST things (those “in” Statement necklaces, cute scarves, leather leggings, comfy maxi skirts, a pinterest cook-book (YUM!)  so much more for super-cheap!  I ordered the NuMe’s Curl Jam set from there, too.   If you are looking for some awesome deals- you really do need to check it out HERE.Oh- they even have kid stuff at the lowest prices I’ve seen!  Here are some ADORABLE little leather moccasins.
 I throw on a comfy pair of jeans, leggings or yoga pants most mornings & a shirt that is comfy & cute (luckily, we live in a time where long-loose shirts are stylish, so being comfortable is “in” )  Look at the yellow one- I love it.  (I made a picture for you of some of my favorite items).   Oh- and that scarf is $4 and the necklace is only $8!Here is the info in case you are a new fan, like I am!
andRuby Website –
andRuby on Twitter –
andRuby on Pinterest – Collage
Ok- so once I’m in something that is cute/comfy, I slip on some flip-flops or ballet flats & we are hitting the road.
This whole morning happens in about 30-35 minutes.  We have it down to a science and it never changes, except on the weekends.

What does your morning look like?  Which ‘magic trick’ do you have up your sleeve?

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  1. Thanks for sharing- this site has the best deals. I am shocked at the necklace prices & I just ordered one!

  2. This website is AWESOME! I wish that I would have known about this sooner, but great for Christmas gifts. ) Thanks, Becky