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This hilarious guest post is just what we need to pick up our day!  happy reading!Spring cleaning and yard sale season is now upon us and you’re likely trying to go through your children’s overwhelming about of stuff.

Where do we turn?  Facebook groups!  I heard a statistic that items at a yard sale sell for an average of 85 cents.  If you’re not ready to part with your items for next to nothing, but truly don’t want them taking up space in your home anymore, you may find yourself on Facebook.  While you’re not hauling your wares out to your front lawn, selling via social media isn’t without its own successes and pitfalls and so I share the 10 emotions that you experience when using yard sale groups on Facebook.

yard sale groups

Emotion #1: You’ll feel astonishment at the length of the group’s rules and lingo — ISO, bump, ‘Other’ folder, PPU? You need a dictionary and a lawyer to figure it all out!

Emotion #2:  Confusion when you break said rules, even after you read and re-read them. Skip over someone who had ‘dibs’ and you’ll fear for your life.

Emotion #3: Utter horror when you see a post for ‘just worn once’ lingerie.

Emotion #4:  Frustration when not two minutes after you list your carefully worded description, you get a comment asking a question that was answered in the second sentence of your listing.

Emotion # 5: Smugness when you saw a listing for the ‘hot’ toy of the season right after it was posted, claimed it for yourself and then a dozen people promptly commented ‘interested’. Boo yah, it’s all yours!

Emotion #6: Cautiousness when you try to determine whether you can sneak yet another ‘Frozen’ or ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ toy inside the house without your significant other going berserk. You clearly don’t need a lecture about whether your child’s college fund is in jeopardy because of their toddlerhood toy obsession.

Emotion #7: Shock when you find out that the manager of the local ‘go-to’ meet location approached the gaggle of women having what obviously appeared to be an unofficial swap meet in their establishment’s parking lot and said he’s posting ‘No Loitering’ signs specifically for people ‘like them’.

Emotion #8:  Disappointment when that person who nabbed the designer baby outfit right before you did managed to meet with the seller within the hour.

Emotion #9: Misgivings when you hit ‘Post’ on an item that you felt was appropriately priced for a yard sale, only to have 10 comments of interest in as many minutes. Does this mean you low-balled yourself? Could you have gone higher and actually been able to afford the venti Frappuccino during your weekly Target run instead of the tall?

Emotion # 10: Accomplishment when you drive away from your first meet, in a very public place, of course. You scored a killer deal and lived to tell about it!

Brianna Netzel is the cheapskate behind the frugal living blog, Mending the Piggy Bank ( She hails from South Central PA and reluctantly admits to being the admin of two yard sale sites herself. When you hear from her and you aren’t buying, selling or trading with her, it usually means you broke one of the many rules of the associated group.  You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter. 

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I’m Becky, a former elementary school teacher turned certified child development therapist and blogger. I work at home with my husband and together we are raising (and partially homeschooling) our four children in the Carolinas. I love diet coke, ice cream, and spending time with my family.

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