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Summer is the time when everyone seems to be taking a road trip. All of the parents know that road trips mean a lot of preparation and that can be a tad intimidating. However, road trips can actually be fun and less stressful if you try some of these tips!

A child laughing in back seat of a car.

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-Don’t allow electronics for a few days before you go, then when you allow them to use their tablets in the car, they will be excited (and quiet) for a while.  It will allow the driver to concentrate while driving, knowing that the kids are busy & not being loud in the back.

-Use a caddy to hold food and drinks for the kids!

-Hang a shoe organizer from the back of the front seat to contain all of the toys.

-Grab a cereal caddy to gather the garbage.

-Pack healthy snacks so you are not filling up on sugar the entire trip.

-Lego fans? Put together a little portable Lego kit for the road!

-Get a 5-port car charger so everyone can charge at once.

-Use your phone as a hotspot for the kid’s electronics.   (Use can even watch a movie or work on your laptop while connected to your hotspot)

-Separate snacks into baggies ahead of time.

-Play the license plate game using a coloring sheet.

-As a parent, it’s easy to stress about directions (I use my Waze app to avoid that), but this little sign tip was helpful, too!

-Put together surprises to give your kids every so often, or use an Adventure in a Box.

-Bring a rainbow loom organizer for snacks– you will be so glad that you did!
rainbow snack box

-Have a binder full of printable games for the kids to enjoy.

-Prepare a game of “Would You Rather” to play as a family.

-Instead of packing a ton of suitcases, just give everyone a drawer:  (no unpacking when you get to your room!) Smart tip from TravelPod.

-Connect as a family during the road trip by listening to an audible book. Or rent an audiobook from the Library (we like Land of Stories)

-Bring a cooler full of prepared food to have at rest stops.

-Grab a cookie sheet and let your kids use it as a tray to draw, play cars or use magnetic dolls or magnetic letters.

-Use plastic cling wrap to create spill-proof cups!

-Download apps from this list of the best Freetime Unlimited apps ahead of time to help your trip go smoothly.

-Use Old coffee creamer containers to hold snacks to refill their rainbow loom organizers:

Ready to hit the road? What are your go-to tips for road trips? 



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