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Welcome to Your Modern Family!   I believe that family should be a source of your smiles, happiness, peace, and comfort, instead of a stressor.

I believe that families can be full of people who are their most happy, respectful and fun selves when they are together.

I believe that everyone can be kind, joyful, and loving… and I believe that it starts with us: Me and you.

Inside of each person is the power to change our lives to make them as wonderful as we imagine.
We just have to get started… and that’s where I hope I can help. 

I started this blog, Your Modern Family, many years ago to share parenting and decluttering ideas with a group of friends that had asked for advice.   Since then, it has grown to be a resource for people all over the world.

My hope is that when someone lands on my blog, they find just what they were looking for, so they can go on with their day filled with encouragement, joy, and practical solutions.

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Your Modern Family is filled with practical tips, real stories, helpful suggestions, and tried-and-true routines to bring peace & joy into your day.
If dinners are stressful,  my blog offers easy family-friendly recipes & menu plans that your family loves.

If parenting has you flustered, my blog is a place where I’ve shared my experiences in motherhood & my career so you can find the solution that works for you and your family.

If clutter is weighing you down, you can find the perfect routine to get it under control, along with the tips that I share about how to declutter, clean, & organize your house.

Hi.  I’m Becky Mansfield

I’m blessed to be the mom to my four amazing children and to be married to my middle-school sweetheart (who happens to be my high-school & college sweetheart, too!)

I have a degree in elementary education, from the University of Pittsburgh, and I am certified to teach Pre-K through 8th grade.   I am also certified to teach language arts from Pre-K to 12th grade.

I am a certified child development therapist, also known as a “developmentalist”, or a “play therapist” for children from birth to three years of age.

This means that I am a therapist who uses play as a tool to help children overcome developmental delays.  It’s just about the best job out there, as it allows me to spend time helping children and playing at the same time… and that puts a smile on their faces!

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I am the author of numerous books, including several best-sellers.  My books are self-help books that tackle topics from potty training to organization solutions for busy families.   I also have several courses, audiobooks, and printables that all lend themselves to helping others.

All of my products can be found in Your Modern Family’s Shop. 

Meet my Family… 

our family - 4 siblings

My children are a true source of joy.  I am so blessed to be their mom. . .
Jack (born in 2006), Beau (born in 2008), Ethan (born in 2010, and Allie (born in 2012) will never know just how much I love them… until they have children of their own.

Children grow up so quickly, don’t they?

It seems to happen in the blink of an eye. We have 18 summers, 18 Christmas mornings, 18 birthday dinners… and then… they are adults.

I always want our kids to know that I WANTED to hear their stories, I ENJOYED laughing at their jokes and I TREASURED the hugs that they gave (which is also why I made a rule to never be the first one to stop hugging… they will let go when they are ready.)    

It is up to us to use the time wisely.   Every day we get to start over and make the choice of what kind of parent we will be that day.

It’s true, that happiness or grumpiness is contagious- and it is up to you to choose which one you will spread today.

Becky Mansfield Family
When we choose to be happy, kind, and caring, we pass it along to our children, our family.  Teach your family to be the same, because when you spread it to your family… they will spread it to the world.

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