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These cute math worksheets are a wonderful way to bring a new theme into your regularly scheduled math program or homework.

The math worksheets include 2 pages of number sense, addition, subtraction, and patterning. There are also puzzle sheets to fill in with missing numbers as well as those that you can cut onto cardstock and put back together. Cardstock will make the puzzles more sturdy and last a bit longer.

Math doesn’t have to be a drag, spice things up by adding a new theme and it doesn’t seem like your kids are learning math at all. If your child needs math manipulatives to help him figure out answers then these worksheets are great for them. They include large, bright images that your child can use as counters and there is ample room for them to write in.

While I don’t believe that math should be learned with only worksheets, sometimes, they really work for the child or they can reinforce what they have already learned in a different way. My 1st grader loves worksheets so he can never get enough of them. However, if I handed a worksheet to my oldest son, his eyes would just glaze over. Know your child.

At his age, I don’t pressure my child to write their answers either. With my boys, they always complained their hands were going to fall off after writing a sentence so I don’t want to hinder their math skills because of their writing ability. I’ll write in their answers for them and every now and then I’ll write it incorrectly just to make sure they’re paying attention.

Print these out on those hot summer days when you’re wishing from some release from the heat, just a fun way to bring summer into your studies.
Ice Cream Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Download the Ice Cream Math Worksheets (12 pages)

You can also use this Kindergarten Sight Word List. 



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