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I was actually inspired by a conversation at a luncheon with my friends.  We were talking about how God calls us to have a Servant’s heart.  We need to find ways to help others.   I find that the way that I can best serve others is through meals, because it is easy for me to handle in this season of my life.  Delivering food is something that I can handle with four kids.   I can’t donate much time, right now, to other things, but donating food is something that I can do.   It is also a great teaching tool for our kids- a way to show them how to give back and help.

I wanted to share this with you because I think that we need to serve others… to always think about how we can Always Do More to help someone else.

Our kids dressed up like Super Heros and we took food to our local food bank.    This is an easy way that anyone can help someone else.    (dressing the kids up was just a way to SHOW them how when we serve, we are HEROes to someone else… today we are #HungerHeroes. )
Three boys dressed up in costumes standing in a yard.

There are hungry kids all over the world, in our state, even in our hometown.   Our kids needed to understand this and they needed to know that THEY can do something about it.   Today.  Now.


Turn your family into superheroes, and tapping into the incredible power of giving.   How?  We need to fight hunger!

(I love this picture- you can’t tell, but he was actually kissing his little brother’s forehead… be still, my heart.)

superhero 2
Until we meet again… off to our new Hunger Heroes Adventure!
superhero 3


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