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I love sharing decorating tips so when Sears wanted to partner up for this sponsored post, I was excited! 

Back view of toddler girl decorating Christmas tree



The first thing that I do every year is to pull out my favorite Christmas cutting board, given to me by one of my dearest friends.   I also grab my Christmas cookie jar and fill it with all of my favorite Christmas cookies (although one time I really did mix them all in this cookie jar… learn from my mistake – they will all taste the same if you do this.  Just store one kind at a time in the jar.)   

I put kitchen tea-towels at the sink and I use adorable placemats at the table, that the kids made when they were toddlers and I’ve laminated myself.

I also make sure that my appliances are up to par, because I will be using them so much this season!
You can find all of these things at Sears.  You can get appliances for your kitchen by using the Sears’ “Meet With An Expert” service – it allows shoppers to make an appointment to ask a knowledgeable associate in-store. So, if you have questions about a new dishwasher or microwave, they can help you right away.  Ps- I bought the armoire at Sears.  I made an appointment with the  “Meet With An Expert” service online. Just click the “Meet with an expert”  and complete the pop-up form

Dining Room  

Oh the dining room… how I love to decorate it for Christmas!   A few years back, my mom bought us an adorable dining room setting, that was covered in snowmen.  I use this every year to set my table.  I also use a red silk runner that I bought for $1 last year (you’d never know it).

I place pinecones from outside along the runner and then I fill a cheap glass vase with gold bulbs and face red cherries (totaling just about $2)  I put mini Christmas trees all around the dining room and I line the inside windows of our dining room hutch with red shiny wrapping paper, so it looks like little gifts are filling the hutch.

Family Room

I have a family room filled with white furniture.  White couches, white desks, white armoire, white pillows.  During Christmas, I add splashes of gold all around.  I spray paint pinecones with gold paint and fill a wicker basket with them.  I paint leaves gold and frame them in gold frames.   It is so beautiful – the touches of gold among the white and wicker.
I like to find things that give the added little touch…


My mother in law gave us a giant 9 foot tree that I fill with gold, red and white bulbs.  It is beautiful.   I use the teardrop ornaments passed down from my husband’s mother, as well.   The kids all get chairs from the kitchen table and help me decorate this tree.  I have learned, over the years, to slowly eliminate the glass bulbs and replace them with plastic bulbs, because the fear of someone dropping one and cutting their foot far outweighs the thought of a beautiful tree.

Decorating for Christmas

I love this tree the most, because I watch my husband carry this giant, extremely heavy tree into our home every year, from our garage, and I know that he is doing it out of love.  (He doesn’t really car about decorating, but he knows that I love it.)  

Living Room  

The room with the tree.   It doesn’t get my better than this room!  It isn’t “magazine beautiful” or even “photo beautiful”  but it is our favorite.  It is our room to be a family.  We decorate this cheap, sparse, 12 year old tree with all of our favorite ornaments.  “baby’s first christmas” and “5 year anniversary” and “We went to Disney this year!” ornaments.   It is filled with ornaments that the kids have made at school and even red construction paper hands that the kids made just for me one year.   It has angel-noodle ornaments that my mom made for our tree when we were little.

On the bottom of the tree, it is lined with a blue silk tree skirt, with white snowflakes.   The one white snowflake has a very large stain on it, made from me when our first son was born and I spilled my drink while trying to stop him from climbing under the tree.   It is missing a tie, from when our second son ripped it off.   It isn’t fancy or pretty, but I love it.    

The tree is covered with lights that no longer work and more lights to try to cover those lights.   When it is plugged in, only the top and bottom of this pre-lit tree will light up.   The middle never seems to work, which account for the many extra layers of lights.

This tree is perfect.    I actually just used the In-Vehicle Pickup for the tree through Sears.  (Buying what you really want should be easy & if you don’t like it and you have to return it, it is easy with their In-Vehicle return & exchange program.)

Do you want to see my favorite stocking stuffers?


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