Blessings Through Raindrops ~ Book of Hope for the Miscarriage Mom

I am so excited to finally release our ebook, “Blessings Through Raindrops.” You can find it here. I joined forces with Kristi Dalnoky from Klover House and Betsy Moore from BMooreHealthy to create a resource for moms who have experienced loss through miscarriage. When we initially went through our miscarriages, we had a really hard time finding resources that were helpful for us. We all felt sad, alone and defeated. We hope that this book will be that resources for moms who unfortunately have joined this club.

blessings 3d

This book was years in the making. We wrote it in the form of conversations. Picture the three of us sitting in front of a group of moms, sharing our stories, crying, hugging each other and finding ways to move forward. We pray that this book helps other moms find peace through all the sadness and grief. We also gathered stories from other mothers that have lost their pregnancies to share with you. I am so full of joy to finally share this book with you. You can find it here:



Totally blindsided: receiving the news

Finding a lifeline: longing for support

The warrior within: finding strength in fragile moments

The ripple effect: learning to lean on and love through

Next steps: moving forward in hope and health

Blessings through raindrops: finding meaning and choosing to celebrate life

From the other side: a spouse’s perspective

Additional resources

Our hope for you

A shared experience: stories from other miscarriage moms

And so much more…


A few years ago, I shared my miscarriage story here on Your Modern Family and the response I got was incredible.  Two of my friends did the same on their blogs.  Together, we received hundreds of private messages and emails throughout the years from moms going through miscarriage and/or reaching out to us telling me their stories of loss from years ago. Read the entire story about my miscarriage by clicking here.

You can buy the ebook here.  (Soon enough, you will be able hold this book in your hands, too.) 

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One day, when I was visiting my home-town again, I set up a playdate with two of my dear friends.   Our daughters are all close in age, so we decided to get them together.   That was the day that this idea was born… this book, this “pour our hearts out on paper” project.   (Betsy, Kristi and I).   We had Betsy’s three year old take the picture, right after eating Kristi’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake…


I hope that this book helps you and all the women out there who have experienced loss and miscarriage. Much love!

If you have any questions about the ebook or if you are having difficulty downloading it, feel free to send Kristi, Betsy and I an e-mail to or contact me directly at I hope that this book gives you support and the comfort that you are not alone on this journey.
s~ If you have trouble downloading the book, simply e-mail us at with your purchase information and we will send it to you. ♥