Ultimate Blog Party 2014

This post is for the Ultimate Blog Party …  here is a little bit about me & Your Modern Family.

My name is Becky.  I am a wife to my high-school (& college) sweetheart and we have four children: 7, 5, 3 and We live in the Carolinas & we LOVE raising our kids here!
your modern family

The reason that I started this blog was simply to help out a few friends with some ideas about how to make school mornings flow better and  how to have one-on-one time with their kids and even how I potty train all of our kids in just 3 days.   I even post about how to teach your children to NATURALLY sleep later (& it is SO easy!)   Originally, my blog was meant for a few friends, but it has turned into so much more- I love that I now have about 500,000 page views every month.

I work one day a week, as a play therapist.  I was a teacher (so I love to share tips from a teacher & ideas about how to play with your kids).  I am mostly a stay at home mom on one income (& you can be, too!)   I am the author of a few e-books (you can see them in my footer- even my Dad’s book is down there!):

ps- you can be an affiliate of any of these books & make up to 50%! 

I enjoy blogging & sharing tips with everyone!  It is a wonderful thing to help others!
Above all, I am a big believer that you need to remember to Just Look UP.   your modern family
I also blog with my friend, Paula, at Blogging on the Side– where we share tips for bloggers about how to blog while keeping your family first (tons of blogging tips, such as how to make money blogging and more on there!)

I would LOVE to meet you- find me on FacebookTwitterGoogle + or Pinterest! 



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    Fun! I’ve read all of this but it’s nice to see it all in once place and to ‘remeet’ you. I’d love to be an affiliate for your e-books. What a neat idea!

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    Love that you are making what you love into income (ebooks) that is wonderful. I’m trying to get to that in my life. My hubby has a great job but my income covers grocery and kids extra stuff- so I need to be bringing money in. I love blogging so my goal is to make it my FT career. I’m also going sign up to be an affiliate. I know my readers would like a book like this. Good luck and new fan from UBP14!

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    Hello Becky. Great to meet you via UBP. Love, love, love your family photos and the twinkle in your boys eyes! Looks like your house is filled with energy and fun.

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    Hi Becky – it looks like we’ve met before as I already have you in my G+ circles! I’m here today from UBP, hope you’re enjoying the party. My daughter is getting into a 6am wakeup habit right now so I’m off to read your post about encouraging kids to sleep later!

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