Make paint with Kool-aid! (It makes a scented water-color paint!)

We love to Make paint with kool-aid and I think that you will, too!

painting with kool-aid


  • Tablecloth (to lay on the floor)- we have a designated “Craft Tablecloth” that I bought on clearance a few years back (see below).  It has saved our table and floors from many many messes!
  • Kid-aprons or “messy shirts”
  • Bowls
  • Paint-brushes
  • Kool-aid mix
  • Water
  • Paper (we put ours on an easel, but this is optional, of course)


This is a fun, easy activity to do with your children! It makes your house smell great and it is so much fun to do with your kids. Add in a great story (read about rainbows and paint one) and you have just done a great learning lesson with your kids! :)

  1. I bought a few packets of the off-brand (cheapest you can find) Kool-aid mix.
  2. Get out as many bowls as you have kids (or if you are separating by color, get out as many bowls as you have colors of Kool-aid. (Example: if you have green, blue and red, you could do three bowls- one for each color).
    I have done both. Some days we do a colorful picture with many different colors and other times, I just use one packet and split the one color between the kids.
  3. PREPARE THE AREA:  Get on your aprons and get out your ‘craft’ tablecloth or head outside.
  4. Remember- this can stain, so wear your aprons!
  5. Pour a little bit of the Kool-aid mix into each bowl with just a touch of water (a tablespoon or two of water will be enough). The more you use, the runnier (and lighter) it will be.
  6. Mix the Kool-aid until dissolved
  7. Give your kids a paint brush and let them go to town!

  paint with kool-aid

The Kool-aid is scented so it makes your house smell great!

We have been doing this for years- so here is an older picture of our boys painting:

kool-aid painting

painting with kool aid


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